Innovation and breakthrough bring up new development of sanita

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With the impact of Internet, consumers are not satisfied with the current situation. More information technology and intelligence have brought new development direction to many enterprises, and they have poured into the smart home industry. Although this brings crisis to traditional home enterprises, it is necessary to say that this is also an opportunity to create the survival of the fittest, and make the development of the sanitary market better and better.

As a branch of smart home, intelligent sanitary ware products are undoubtedly the fastest-growing and more popular products. Before foreseeing the huge potential of the intelligent bathroom market, in order to develop more intelligent sanitary products, archery sanitary ware has made many considerations. In terms of production cost and market demand, various major sanitary ware brands have done a lot of research work, and strive to develop intelligent sanitary ware products, which are more in line with the needs of consumers and obtain more ideal market response.

It can be said that in order to provide consumers with more quality intelligent sanitary products, the brand of sanitary ware has been continuously developing. From the original smart toilet to the hot music shower recently, the achievements of the enterprise in the field of intelligent bathroom are shown with many highly evaluated works.

Since 2014, smart home has been changing from single mobile control to voice, gesture, watch, ring and other comprehensive methods. The control mode has gradually diversified, while the product cost has gradually decreased. Although the price of some famous intelligent sanitary products abroad is still not low, the domestic intelligent sanitary products price has been transformed unconsciously for several rounds, and it has been quietly falling in the process of development.

In the past, whether it is a well-known foreign smart toilet cover or a domestic large-scale smart toilet cover, the price has always been high, and it is often thousands of yuan, which makes many consumers daunted. To popularize intelligent sanitary products, the lower the price is the basic. In 2015, the sanitary brand sold smart toilet covers at a very low price. This makes the "price history" of the whole intelligent bathroom products have taken a magical turn, and many consumers clap their hands to celebrate.

In fact, the market potential of intelligent sanitary ware is huge, and there are still many possibilities in the future. National sanitary brand has been transformed into intelligent sanitary ware market, which has injected fresh blood into the whole market, creating more possibilities. Apart from the sanitary enterprises and brands, the innovation and breakthrough of the sanitary industry, consumers are the real beneficiaries.